There are a number of reasons why our clients come to us. Take a look at just a few.

Financial planners

We focus on people, before products. Our aim is helping you realise and achieve your greatest goals in life, through a comprehensive financial plan.

Extensive experience

We’ve been situated in Hong Kong for a long time, so we have extensive experience of how the unique market works, and how to tailor it to your needs.

Regulated status

We’re fully regulated by Hong Kong’s international Tier 1 regulators, meaning all of our clients can be confident of the best possible outcomes. Read more about our regulatory status.

Fee transparency

We fully disclose all of our costs and charges up front, including any commission we earn and/or fees – because we believe our clients deserve to know how and what they’re paying.


We’re an independently-owned advisory company, which means we’re free to give completely impartial advice, and tailor all of our recommendations to you.

Leading product solutions

We use some of the best solutions from blue chip providers, which increase the probability of meeting your goals.

Our philosophy

Our objective is to help our clients live the lifestyle they want, without running out of money. In order to achieve this, we focus our approach on making sure they have enough money – enough for financial independence, enough to achieve their goals and secure their future happiness. Because after all, why have wealth if it doesn’t give you the life you want?

We also pride ourselves on our transparency. That’s why we only offer wealth management solutions that are proven to add value (professionally and compliantly), and we are completely open about our fees and charging structure. Above all, our clients are our main priority. We never forget that it’s your wealth we’re managing – so you always remain our focus throughout.

Our client service

BMP Wealth is all about service. We strive to make helping you manage your wealth both accessible and simple. We deliver our exceptional client service via three pillars:

  • BMP wealth managers

You’ll have your very own wealth manager, who will be the focus of your relationship with us. Their purpose is to concentrate on meeting your needs, with senior management ensuring that all solutions are compliant and client-driven.

Your BMP wealth manager will be available for video or Skype calls and will ensure that all advice is provided clearly and simply and summarised in a written report before implementation. They will also arrange regular ongoing service meetings to ensure you’re kept up to date on any progress or developments.

  • Online valuations

Existing clients can securely log on and see their personal balance sheet online. For financial assets managed by BMP Wealth, you can drill down to see current valuations, past performance and individual fund attribution, daily updated. This is the foundation for managing your personal balance sheet on an ongoing basis.

  • Insights

Existing and prospective clients can see our Insights area, with online commentaries and updates from our core managers and BMP Wealth blogs and opinions. We will also add details of forthcoming events and how you can get involved.