Your portfolio will usually be managed by BMP Wealth in one of two ways:

Advisory basis, this is usually chosen by clients who wish to have a “more hands on” and time intensive relationship with their money.  We provide recommendations to help you make informed decisions and then work closely with you to execute the changes to your portfolio.

Discretionary Client Agreement, where you provide authority to BMP Wealth to manage your portfolio within a prescribed discretionary mandate. BMP usually does this by way of our Model Portfolio Service.

BMP Model Portfolio Service (MPS)

Our Investment Committee believes that cost effective active management adds value. The model portfolios take account of long-term industry views of equity risk (strategic asset allocation) and combine these with active fund manager selection.

The portfolios use a broad range of funds from across the market, which are impartially selected for the value that they can add, primarily in terms of risk-return and alpha.

Low fees mean higher returns.

We do not charge sales or transaction fees and embrace the efficiencies of technology. We always purchase institutional share classes wherever possible, which means you have the cheapest version of any fund we hold. This gives a better return than simply rebating trailer fees.

Leveraging industry giants’ superior resources.

BMP leverages the scale, expertise, and experience of selected global brands, to manage the day-to-day tactical allocations. Selected managers with a proven track record chose which stocks or bonds to buy and sell, allocating between different themes and markets, which gives your portfolio the best chance to outperform.

High mathematical probability of superior performance.

It is important to not only have good past performance, but also to have a high probability of continued good performance relative to other funds in the same sector. BMP screens the entire fund market, then scores each fund relative to others within its sector. We then use a strict buy and sell discipline to ensure only the ones scoring within the top 30% are held in the portfolio.

Portfolio optimised for your risk tolerance.

The Model Portfolios span five risk profiles, and three currencies (USD, GBP and EUR). An extensive range of portfolio mandates means that you can be confident of finding the most appropriate portfolio.

Benchmarked against the industry.

This helps you to decide who is best to invest with. The portfolios aim to outperform the ARC private client benchmark, which is an independent representation of the private client investment industry and is made up of more than 150 private banks, stockbrokers and other institutional discretionary managers.

The process in a nutshell: