Tammy Kwok

Operations Manager

Tammy Kwok

With more than eight years of experience working at an MNC, I bring a wealth of knowledge in regards to office administrative matters. I’m responsible for supervising the daily support operations and planning the most efficient administrative procedures across the different BMP Wealth departments. 

I enjoy learning new technologies in order to deliver expected outcomes, and the diversity of my job ensures that no day is like any other.

Licenses and Qualifications:

  • BBA in Corporate Administration
  • High Diploma in Corporate Administration and Systems

Get to know me

I like to spend my time outside of work…

Travelling and exploring different countries

My favourite place in the world is…


The motto I aim to live by is…

Everything is possible if you believe

Somewhere I’d like to visit but haven’t made it to yet…


The things guaranteed to make my day better are…

Coffee and sunshine

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