The financial planning process

Financial planning is about understanding financially where you are at, being clear on what you want to achieve and then creating a plan to maximise the likelihood of achieving what is important to you. It’s about determining the kind of lifestyle you’d like to live, both now and in retirement, and then ensuring you’ll have enough to make it happen.

The result of good financial planning should be achieving peace of mind for the best possible financial life; being safe in the knowledge that you’ll always have ‘enough’ money. And, while most people want to live a comfortable and secure financial life, many do not know where to begin. That’s where we come in.

We work with you closely to determine what’s truly important to you in life, and then set about creating a plan that will help you achieve those things – as well as playing a crucial role in keeping you on track.

The client journey

When we begin working together, we’ll take you through our defined and tested process:

  • Getting to know you

We want to understand you and your relationship with money the best that we can. Most importantly, this initial phase is for us to have a discussion that leads to understanding what you want your financial life to be.

  • Research 

We will review, in depth, the information you have given us. We’ll then go away and research potential products and solutions for your needs.

  • Creating a plan

Once our research is complete, we’ll develop a bespoke financial plan for you, taking into account your existing financial arrangements and your goals.

  • Implementation 

Once we have agreed on the action points to implement, we will look after everything so that you can start your financial life’s plan. Simply leave it to us.

  • Progress

We will continue to work with you on an ongoing basis. We’ll hold regular progress meetings, aiming to anticipate and prepare for obstacles that life throws our way – thereby maximising your financial life.

Total transparency

We believe in transparency and upfront disclosures prior to any decisions being made. Your money is held safely and securely with authorised and regulated third parties, such as private banks, custodians and insurance companies.