Why haven’t I heard of BMP Wealth before?

BMP Wealth is a new company with a wealth of expertise. The founding principals have decades of experience in Financial Planning and Wealth Management, whilst the company aims to be at the forefront of both technology and investment thinking.

How do I know that my money is safe with BMP Wealth?

BMP does not touch your money. We specialise in providing client-driven financial advice. Your money will be transferred from one institution, say your bank, directly to your selected product provider or custodian. We conduct due diligence on product providers that we recommend to our clients, with security as one of our main priorities.

How do we know BMP Wealth’s advice is reliable?

Our Principals and Wealth Managers are all experienced and hold all the relevant licenses. During this time they have experienced many market boom and bust cycles, with a clean regulatory record.

The Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission rules guarantee that no matter what disclaimers you sign or statements you make, BMP is not relieved of its obligation to provide a suitable product for you.

All our advice is documented in a Suitability Report. A copy is provided to you for your safekeeping and future reference.

Can BMP Wealth review existing products sold to me by another adviser?

Absolutely. We are an independently owned advisory company. To review your products, we will require a letter of authority from you. This will enable us to approach the product provider and access relevant information so that we can prepare a “fit for purpose” report

What will your advice cost me?

We are transparent. Accordingly, we will disclose our fees and any commissions to you before you sign anything. Fees will differ depending on how much work we do and/or the products we recommend. One point you can be assured is that our fees are usually much more palatable than those charged by banks or other institutions, for similar, yet restricted, advice.

How can I keep track of my investments?

Product providers usually give clients access to online valuations. However, it can be frustrating trying to remember different login details for different product providers.

BMP Wealth provides clients with a sophisticated online valuation and analytics service. You can see all your investment products managed by BMP in a simple summary page. Further details are available by drilling down into the details of each product, even to each underlying fund. The system will also provide historic analysis of your portfolios such as volatility or weighted performance of your underlying funds.

What is cashflow planning and why does it make us different?

With Cashflow planning, you can visualise your financial future, including alternative scenarios based on future events.

The aim is to simplify and forecast a complex lifetime stream of money in and money out, while taking into account things such as inflation, taxation, and investment growth.

Using cashflow modelling technology gives our clients huge advantages when it comes to making financial decisions.

How do I contact BMP Wealth?

Our contact details are:
905 Central Building, 1-3 Pedder St, Central, Hong Kong
T: + (852) 3975 2878
E: info@bmpwealth.com

Alternatively, if you know any of our team feel free to contact them directly.