David Smith

Hi, my name is David Smith. I’ve known Jeanette since 2002, if my memory serves me correctly, so just over 22 years. When she moved to BMP, she moved some of her clients with her and I was one of them.

I wanted to put some money aside for my retirement and also set up a plan for what to do with what they call the “provident fund” in Cathay Pacific after retirement. I was introduced to Jeanette by some friends who lived close to where we did. Having met her and started working with her, we decided this is the person we wanted to work with for the long term.

The really important thing for me was to have our money in a secure place where it could generate the sort of income we were looking for when we retired in Australia.

Well, we’ve worked with Jeanette for the past 20 years, with about 17 of those leading up to retirement. She had a very good track record and I felt confident that when I went into retirement, the funds we’d placed with various platforms would be sufficient to keep us going, and they have.

I don’t believe that I could have handled the cross-border complications on my own. Having Jeanette there as the professional, I felt confident in her ability to better handle that side of things.

We’ve always had the impression that Jeanette cares deeply about her clients. And that’s the way she’s always treated us. We’ve always felt we can trust her totally in her decisions and the way that she wants to manage our funds for the future of our investments.

The best piece of advice was to move the Cathay Pacific provident fund across to one of her platforms. This has been performing quite well, despite the fact that the global financial system is not doing so well at the moment, and it’s provided us with the income we’d been looking for in retirement so far. Provided that goes on like that, we have absolutely no problems with it at all.

The move to BMP has been seamless. Jeanette has always advised us well in the past, and she has been the front person with regard to our financial advice and decisions and continues to do so very well.

I would recommend Jeanette and BMP Wealth to other people. She has always been entirely trustworthy and a safe pair of hands for us. If anybody asked me to recommend someone in the financial world, Jeanette and BMP would be the first people I would think of.

Certainly, for my retirement I needed a professional financial adviser and a safe pair of hands; Jeanette and BMP have provided both.

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Georgina & David

Georgina & David:

Working with James, I just feel my money is safe.

Working with James, I just feel my money is safe.

Henry Schmidl:

I feel at ease knowing Jahmaine is looking after my finances

I feel at ease knowing Jahmaine is looking after my finances

Henry Schmidl
Edwin Hogervorst

Edwin Hogervorst:

I trust Howard with my finances and feel confident that my future is secure

I trust Howard with my finances and feel confident that my future is secure

Retiree, Scotland: Scottish expat

We very much worked together to produce a sensible financial plan

This client spent his career in Hong Kong, and retired back to Scotland in early 2020. He came to BMP wanting help with his retirement plan.

Laurent Bickert

Laurent Bickert, Hong Kong: French expat

Open-minded and creative… definitely not a ‘one-size-fits-all approach

Laurent moved to Hong Kong from France nine years ago, and was looking to overcome some retirement planning hurdles, as well as negotiating his expat contract.

Richard Nicoll, Dubai: British expat

I feel very lucky to have met James. I totally trust him

Richard transferred to Hong Kong from Dubai, and first began working with BMP Wealth in 2015.

Richard Nicoll

Joseph, Malaysia: British expat

BMP Wealth have taken great care with my nest egg

Joseph moved to Hong Kong to start his own business after working for Tesco for 20 years. He wanted to understand how best to plan for his future.

Long-term resident of Hong Kong:

Very clear and transparent

This client has been a resident of Hong Kong since the 1970s, and needed a trusted hand to guide him through the financial complexities.

Long-term resident of Hong Kong
Lawyer in Hong Kong

Lawyer in Hong Kong, Hong Kong:

Very responsive and proactive

Having lived and worked in Hong Kong for the last 25 years, this client wanted more diversification in their portfolio.

US expat in Asia:

I wouldn’t take a call from any other adviser

This client explains how he was won over by our refreshing approach, and how it’s enabled him to get where he wants to be.

US expat in Asia

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