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BMP Wealth wins International Adviser award for Excellence in Investment Planning

We’re delighted that BMP Wealth have won another award from International Adviser: Excellence in Investment Planning.

International Adviser has hosted awards each year for the last six years. The sixth annual International Adviser Best Practice Adviser Awards was run in partnership with Morningstar Wealth Platform.

Each year, International Adviser attract outstanding entries from companies across the UK, Europe, South Africa, the Middle East and East Asia. Their Best Practice Awards include 12 categories and cover every aspect of business, from front-line advice to back-office support.

In 2021, we won awards for excellence in digital innovation and excellence in marketing. Now, we can add excellence in investment planning to our trophy cabinet.

International Adviser is highly regarded among global intermediaries

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International Adviser Best Practice Adviser Awards

Created to reward global adviser excellence, and recognise those businesses who exceed expectations, the annual International Adviser Best Practice Adviser Awards give all advice firms the opportunity to demonstrate their excellence and showcase their achievements.

BMP Wealth recognised for excellence in investment planning

Judges found that BMP Wealth had been successful in adopting new approaches in investment planning and had responded robustly to the challenges caused by recent turmoil in the markets.

At BMP, we help clients build, manage and preserve their wealth. As we explained to the panel of judges, “the emphasis is on building and reviewing a sustainable life financial plan, but the investment strategy is the engine that powers the plan”.

To ensure that the investment proposition aligns with clients’ risk profiles and base currencies, we have built a range of model portfolios that are run on multiple platforms.

We have also invested heavily to create and effectively manage our model portfolios. To this end, we:

  1. Have a three-man Investment Committee, segregated by roles and supported by our administration team.
  2. Use data aggregation and research from Financial Express
  3. Leverage the resources of the underlying portfolio managers
  4. Ensure that the constituent portfolio managers actively interact with the team and (covid restrictions permitting) with the end client as well.

Howard Clark-Burton, our CEO and founding director, said: “We are immensely proud to have been recognised for our work in investment planning. BMP has invested heavily to create and effectively manage our model portfolios.

“By focusing on client outcomes, BMP financial advisers are in a strong position to deliver on their financial plans with their clients.”

Our award-winning entry also directed judges to our website so they could see videos and written testimonials from clients for themselves.

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